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SCA Steak Cook-Off

Sponsored by Creekstone Farms

SCA Steak Cook-Off: TBA

Do you cook the best steak in your neighborhood? Are you the king of your cul-de-sac? Bring your backyard skills to an SCA-sanctioned cookoff and compete for cash and an award-winning ribbon at this one-day event. This a single event. You do not need to be an SCA member to compete.

2022 Winners

1st: Ben Maddox
2nd: Buddy King
3rd: Crystal Gilleland
4th: Kenny Coons
5th: Ryan Hamilton
6th: Tyler Harris
7th: Kyle Matthews
8th: Dirk Mullins
9th: Mike VanVleet
10th: Chad Carter

Event Details

Entry Fee: $150

Event Timeline


1st Place: $1000 + a ribbon
2nd Place: $500 + a ribbon
3rd Place: $400 + a ribbon
4th Place: $300 + a ribbon
5th Place: $200 + a ribbon
6th – 10th Place: $100 + a ribbon